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Nude Celebs Fakes

Nude Fakes of Celebrities. Hot Fake Pics of Nude Celebs


Recent Entries


Nude Michelle Trachtenberg
07:59, 2012-Nov-7

Here we come again, with a nude image of another lovely star. This time, it is Michelle Trachtenberg posing stark naked in her boudoir. Another masterpiece created by the Nature... and malfunction :)

michelle trachtenberg nude

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Alexis Bledel Nude At Last
00:47, 2012-May-22

Youth and beauty. One more adorable star represented in the nude. Altough Alexis Bledel looks a barely legal teen model in this fake image, all of her looks are so innocent and purely wonderful that she just appears to be a perfect piece of art.

alexis bledel poses nude on the balcony

And more! See Alexis Bledel posing nude in the bathroom, another softcore masterpiece fake.

Kirsten Dunst Lying Nude On Her Stomach
02:14, 2012-Jan-16

A charming nude fake starring Kirsten Dunst. The nude celebrity girl is lying on her stomach, holding her partially tanned butt up. So young, so slim, so sweet!.. Regards to Wayneski guys.


nude celebrity kirsten dunst


Also fancy Kirsten Dunst showing off  her nude ass in a more explicit manner.


Avril Lavigne Nude Fakes
01:38, 2011-Dec-1

One of the most beautiful celebrity girls of the present, Avril Lavigne is faked to be represented in the nude. That pretty face is worth seeing in combination with a perfectly nude body.


avril lavigne nude fake


Megan Fox Nude Crotch Exhibition
06:52, 2011-Sep-27

Isn't it amazing to see renowned beauty Megan Fox lying absolutely nude on the porch, with her legs stuck high up in order to exposed her bare crotch? In fakes, everything becomes possible. Even celebrity women start acting like regular whores, making us gasp for breath in astonishment.

megan fox nude crotch exhibition


Megan Fox Nude In High Heels


Emma Watson Nude
02:04, 2011-Aug-30

Sweet Emma has never looked so exciting and so beautiful yet! All nude, without a tiny piece of cloth on, relaxed and seductive, posing stark naked for her true fans, showing off every little bit of her luscious body. Or of someone else's luscious bodies?.. Does it really matter? Even when Emma's nudity is faked, she looks gorgeous.

fake emma watson in the nude

Emma Watson Posing Nude Outside

Selena Gomez Nude Fake
06:07, 2011-Jul-16

Holy fuck! Who's that skinny tart posing perfectly nude on the beach? The girl resembles famous singer and Disney movie star Selena Gomez so much that one can easily take it as obvious. Some fakes look so natural...

Selena Gomez Nude Fake


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Paris Hilton Nude
09:07, 2011-May-8

paris hilton nude

Paris Hilton Nude. More than just nude! See Paris Hilton spreading her pussy while she is posing stark naked, only slightly covered with some of her blonde hair.

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Nude Miley Cyrus
02:20, 2011-Apr-13

nude miley cyrus


Nude Miley Cyrus fake. At last, Miley has grown up well enough to be presented in any garment, or with no clothes on at all, perfectly nude. Even with a toy stuck into her naked pussy. Sweet little girl has become a beautiful young woman. And anyone may fancy Miley Cyrus nude without coming into conflict with the law now :) Find more nude Miley Cyrus fakes, too!


Jennifer Aniston Nude
02:58, 2011-Mar-28

jennifer aniston nudeAnd now, it's time for Jennifer Aniston to get nude! Fake makers haven't been able to resist Jennifer's fame and beauty. As a result, you may enjoy seeing Jennifer Aniston nude, with her pussy exposed. Perhaps, the pic lacks some quality. Anyway, this nude body comes nicely with Aniston's face. More of Jennifer Aniston Nude Fakes!


Reese Witherspoon Nude
01:24, 2011-Mar-21

reese witherspoon nudeReese Witherspoon Nude Fake. Or almost nude, as the pig-tailed girl resembling famous celebrity Reese Witherspoon still has her panties on. But she is pulling them down, showing off her shaved naked pussy. A nice nude fake presented by Mega Tron.

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Audrey Tautou Nude
02:09, 2011-Mar-14

audrey tautou nudeHere's the first one, to begin with, starring Audrey Tautou nude and naughty. Audrey is posing nude in bed with her knees bent and spread. The fake feautures Audrey Tautou's nude pussy and bare feet. Also, Audrey is smiling beautifully and shyly which makes this pic especially attractive.

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Nude Celeb Fakes
02:34, 2011-Feb-10

What is this blog about? Celebrities. Famous people. Movie stars. Models. TV personalities. But there is a little detail. All of them are going to be presented in circumstances far off from ordinary. Imaginatory circumstances of a special sort. In brief, all of them are going to become porn stars in pics you will see. Almost or perfectly nude, posing, having sex, playing with toys, etc. These situations are so far off from reality that can only be faked. So, we've come to it at last. This blog, or, to be more exact, a series of blogs is a Nude Celebs Fake Pics Collection. Relax and have some fun! :)


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